Display Ads Are Like TSA Agents

KGHL, Montana's AG-Farm-ation Station

Reading time 5:49This rain could not have come at a better time. KGHL Meteorologist Ed McIntosh says we are actually ahead of the averages and last year too.  That’s good news for agriculture.  KGHL National AgNational Ag Day Day programming Tuesday did a pretty good job describing how much of the Montana economy comes from ag.  From sugar in the cookies, flour in your bread, to the meat on the table, a farmer or rancher made that happen. More than ONE BILLION dollars of ag products come from the KGHL coverage area in Montana and Wyoming.

Big thanks to Leroy Gabel of Southern MT Beet Growers; Ed Chapman, Shipton’s Big R; Butch Bratsky, Stockman Bank; Dave Daugherty, Miller Coors; Russell Nemetz, Northern Ag Network, and Steve Mattison, Bobcat of Big Sky for coming on the air with us to talk agriculture.

Salesperson’s breakfast is tomorrow, NCAA playoffs with the Griz tonight, and Palm Sunday Griz logomakes this weekend really busy.   It’s hard for Bobcats to root for Griz, but I’ll make an exception tonight.  Just to make it fun, predict the total points of tonight’s game and I’ll buy you a steak dinner for the effort.  Send your guess before tip off tonight.  My guess is 127. Closest guess wins.

This week, Coke’s Facebook results,  Lonnie at the Northern Grand Opening, Banner Blindness (applies to billboards too), the ONLY way your business can survive,  KGHL’s new Android streaming app, some last minute shopping, Lonnie’s Facebook page, and an infographic on meeting lunacy

I hope you find this week’s issue useful.  Each week, I skim and review a ton of marketing ideas and blogs so you don’t have to spend your time. Thanks for reading.

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Ray Massie, General Manager KGHL

Bernie’s Diner Opens with Lonnie BellLonnie Bell and Ed McIntosh at Northern HotelThe Northern Hotel is open!  Lonnie Bell and Ed McIntosh helped open Bernie’s Diner Sunday morning with a live broadcast.  The diner opened at 6am for the very first time.  Jessica Oe and her staff at Bernie’s had a great first day from what I could tellWhat a HUGE cup of coffee they served!

Coca-Cola Study: Online Buzz Has NO Effect on Sales

A Coca-Cola Co. study finds online buzz has no measurable impact on short-term sales, said a company executive in a presentation at the Advertising Research Foundation’s Re:think 2013 conference in New York today.

It’s a stunning admission for a company who’s flagship brand has 61.5 million fans, more than any other brand on Facebook. But Eric Schmidt, senior manager-marketing strategy and insights at Coca-Cola, isn’t giving up on buzz just yet. And he cautioned against reading too much into the research, noting that it covers only buzz, not sharing, video views or other aspects of social media.Coca Cola Logo

But when Coca-Cola put buzz sentiment data into the same analytical framework it uses to evaluate other digital media, Mr. Schmidt said, “We didn’t see any statistically significant relationship between our buzz and our short-term sales.”

Coke research was far more favorable for digital display advertising, which it found on average to be 90% as effective as TV at generating sales on a per-impression basis, Mr. Schmidt said. Radio was below TV but above search.  Search itself was 50% as effective as TV – about the same as out-of-home.

“Digital ROI has to be a financial measure that allows us a consistent measurement of business performance over time,” he said, and also lets marketers make informed tradeoffs between media.

Thoughts From a Nearly 55 Year Old

by Mike Watkins

Turning 50Uh-Oh!  I have only 120 shopping days until irrelevancy!  So far this year, I bought a new car for myself and a used car for my son.  Still remaining on the list: SUV for my wife, a few suits for me (luckily someone has a buy one get 3 or 4 free deal), and new TVs for the den and our bedroom.  Why the shopping spree you ask?  In just 120 days I turn 55, and immediately become irrelevant to many advertisers much more intelligent than me.  Oh sure, they love me now that I’m within that magical 25 – 54 age demographic.  But now that I’m about to turn 55, they could care less about me.  120 days to use the internet (I’m going to miss it), and search for those advertisers who were wooing me during those important years when I was 25-34 and didn’t have two nickels to rub together.  Hope their advertising investments paid off and they’re still in business.   The good news for all of these advertisers who will no longer want my business is that they won’t waste any of their marketing dollars on me.  You see, in just 120 days I will achieve the trifecta of advertiser no-no’s: 55+, African American, and often listen to “controversial” talk show programming!

Imagine that, the one year when I anticipate the highest earning potential of my life, and the only companies who want my business sell V***gra, death insurance, and “Active Adult” home communities.  Of course, I won’t be able to furnish the house because the furniture companies stopped advertising to me after I was 49.

Alas… the good news is that all of the discretionary income I anticipate amassing from advertisers who no longer want my business will be well-spent.  You see, my son will be firmly entrenched in the 18 – 34 demographic for some time now.  Lord knows he can’t afford any of the retailers who are fighting so desperately for his business.  Relevancy once again!  I hope they don’t realize some old black guy who listens to AM radio is funding his spending.  They may not let him buy either!

(On a serious note: advertisers, please realize that age demographics don’t buy goods and services, people do.  Find out who really does buy your products and learn how to speak to them.  Consumer behavior usually crosses, age, racial, and political lines. )

Your Local Business’ ONLY Sustainable Advantage

by Forbes

In January, Forbes published key trends to watch regarding local marketing in 2013.Trends

Among their predictions was that Facebook paid advertising will continue to be “a flop” with most local service businesses. They also said national brands with multiple locations will

transfer more of their marketing dollars to local marketing and away from branding.

There are two key items to pay attention to in these predictions. The first is that the promise of new media, while seductive will continue to disappoint.

The second is that big companies – your competitors – will be investing more money in advertising and marketing.

That means if you don’t want to be eaten by all the “wolves at your door,” you need to beef up your special bond with your customers, clients, or patients NOW.

The NEW 24 (% Growth That Is)

Google Play AppThat’s the increase in streaming audience for KGHL after release of the new 790 KGHL Now app in the Google Play store.  The app is free and works on Android phones only right now.  The Apple version of the player will come soon.  Click the link to get the app for yourself.

If you didn’t know, all advertisers on KGHL get streaming included with their contracts.

Banner and Billboard Blindness Wastes Money

by Laurie Sullivan, Media Post Publications

After being asked to recall the last display ad they saw, only 14% could name the company, the brand or the product, suggesting that brands are wasting millions of dollars in ads that consumers don’t remember.

The Infolinks study analyzing banner blindness reveals that 60% couldn’t recall the last display ad they saw. The survey analyzes responses from U.S.-based consumers in December from all genders, ages, income and education levels.Blank Billboard

Relevance remains a key challenge, and 3.65% of respondents who remembered the last ad they viewed did not remember the context. About 80% felt the last ad they saw was not relevant to them. Only 2.8% of respondents said they thought the ads they saw met their needs to either answer a question or provide more information.

There are similarities between the way the U.S. Transportation Security Administration, airport security screeners, glaze over liquid-filled bottles in carry-on luggage and the banner ads that consumers searching for information never see. Infolinks CEO Dave Zinman believes improving the 0.1% click-through rates on banner ads requires choosing nontraditional and memorable ad locations to increase the recall by consumers typically bombarded with messages.

Zinman’s advice is to avoid delivering ads without first identifying user intent, and serve fewer ads to reduce clutter on pages — suggesting that brands are willing to pay more for premium, uncluttered experiences.

First Impressions Can Be WAY Off the Mark

Lonnie Bell is a legend in Billings.  A list of career firsts would take all of this e-mail.  Your first impression might be Lonnie’s audience would be older.  You would be wrong.  Take a look at the graph from Lonnie’s Facebook page.  

Lonnie’s audience is even younger than the market average. Even more astounding are these results with the lack of promotion for Lonnie’s page.  You won’t hear Lonnie hyping “like me on Facebook”.

Advance Promotion WorksI loved this quote from an e-mail sent to me by Brian Engle of Pioneer Meats of Big Timber.  Pioneer does a tremendous job of supporting local FFA and youth charities in addition to making a great brat.  I’ve always talked about a great advantage of using radio is the ability to drive customers to your special event. Brian advertises his appearances at events like the Celtic Festival on KGHL.“We had a good day selling stuff.  We even had people refer to the radio ad.  Imagine that.”
Montana State FFA Convention is coming to Billings

Don’t Suck At Meetings

How many meetings do you have at your work?  The real cost of meetings is the huge time suck they can become.  Here’s an infographic from Small Business Trends.com laying out the cost of these long meetings.

Don't suck at meetings

KGHL has all the Ag News you need every day.

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He Finally Quit Chasing Women

KGHL, Montana's AG-Farm-ation Station

I don’t know about you, but I really really like telling people what I think.  So when Borrell Associates, one of the world leaders in market research wanted to know what KGHL clients thought, I wanted to pass it on. 

Subject:  Participate in the Montana Radio client survey and have a chance to win an iPad!

KGHL is partnering with Borrell Associates in a survey of clients to ask about your advertising and marketing plans for 2013.

We invite you to participate in this survey by clicking on the link below:


There are two benefits to you.  First, you will have a chance to win an iPad by completing the survey.  Second, you can get a copy of the summary report in January to get a look at what your peers are planning and doing.

Here's my cup of opinionYou can bet I already gave my dimes worth.  It takes about 5 minutes if you want to participate.  The data is only available in a total form, nothing personally identifiable is ever released.

In this week’s Mighty Marketing lets market to men.  Certainly there are a number of women working in Agriculture as well, but marketing to men gets the short straw.  Unless its beer commercials. 

Elsewhere in this issue

Lonnie Bell’s book is here.  KGHL has a special book signing with Lonnie this weekend. 

Supporting the FFA students is a big focus for us at KGHL.  There’s a special way you can get involved this year and help yourself at the MATE Show too. 

Cow prices are up again. And while we can measure everything these days, don’t you think it can get a little crazy. 

Plus a little contesting too.  Identify “Who Said It” and win a great gift basket from Bill and Mary Kennedy’s Wine Market and Deli on Grand in Billings.

Yellowstone County Commissioner Bill Kennedy, Lonnie Bell, the Marines, and a number of other media people will be at the Metra Saturday night in a final Toys for Tots campaign push.

Each week in Mighty Marketing, I try and bring you something interesting to read about marketing your business.  Let me know what you like and don’t like. Helping you be successful is the challenge we want to solve at KGHL.

Advertising to Men

By Grahme Newell, 602 Communications

When advertising to men, or any other demographic, it’s important to firsMarketing to Men--Hank Hillt decide what it is that makes that group tick. Do they like to feel cool? Dangerous? Sexy? Freaky? The list goes on, but when marketing to men, you have to really hone in on the core values. This is particularly important when marketing to men because men are such a diverse and massive segment of the population. Marketing to men relies on broad, universal values that most men hold.

What is the best emotional driver to use when advertising to men? Revenge, ingenuity, and a little bit of dominance sprinkled in. When advertising to men, these two feelings are some of the strongest you can use to really appeal to them. So let’s take a look at these two feelings individually.

Advertising to Men Using Revenge

When marketing to men, it’s important to understand that most men feel very controlled and pushed-around by their wives and girlfriends. So the best ads for advertising to men always open with a man being harried by his wife. They show all of the frustration and anguish that being browbeaten causes, and then they move into the payback phase. When marketing to men, the best advertisers always show a man getting the one-up on his wife or girlfriend, but does so while demonstrating the cool features of the product.

If you’d like to read more on marketing to men, here’s a good source.

Multimedia Rankings for Your Cat

by Jeff John Roberts, Gigaom.com

I'd swear this was my cat.  But his color isn't quite rightAt this rate, it won’t be long until a company comes along to offer multi-media rankings for the neighborhood cats.

All of this measuring raises the question of whether there is anything useful about all these studies and metrics. Does it matter that Bears fans are more “engaged” than Giants fans? Is it helpful to know that Clarence Thomas ranks #3 for web presence even though he’s regarded as sub-par jurist?

According to PeekYou CEO Michael Hussey, the point of the company is to “explore the web from a people perspective” and to show their media influence.

While some of these stats are no doubt useful to marketers, it remains to be seen if media/social media rankings will grow into a useful science or if they’re just a fad to feed our insatiable craving for rankings.


See more dubious ranks from GigaOM.com

National FFA Week and the MATE Show

National FFA Week is only 8 weeks Montana FFA Alumni license plateaway!  That sentence alone sends fear through me as KGHL is probably the biggest media supporter of FFA in all of Montana.  The Mighty 790 is working with FFA classes in the 20 county area, to do something extra special in honor of the week at this year’s MATE show. 

I’m pretty sure no radio station has ever combined with the FFA this way.

If you’d like to show your company’s support of the students of the FFA, contact Karen.


Who Said It?

I would rather be judged by 12 farmers than 12 scholars (Quotation)

You can win a great gift basket from the Mary and Bill Kennedy’s Wine Market and Deli by answering correctly.  Click here to give your answer.

Slidin’ Along With Lonnie Bell

by Lonnie Bell

Lonnie Bell's Slidin' Along BookThe new book by Lonnie Bell, “Slidin’ Along with Lonnie Bell”, is here!  You can be the first one to get a copy of the book at a special book signing event.

Lonnie will be at Lou Taubert Ranch Outfitters in downtown Billings December 15.  He’ll have copies of the book available and will personally autograph your copy for you.

The book signing by Lonnie runs 10-12 at the store on Broadway.

Lonnie’s book is a personal history of country music.  You’ll get one of a kind stories that only Lonnie could tell.  The index of the book alone is a “who’s who” of the history of country music

Cow Prices Another Record

by Northern Ag NetworkCows at Record prices

It’s a great time to be in agriculture or selling products to Ag producers.

Cull cow prices will set another annual record high in 2012. Record highs are not that unusual, because records were also attained in 2010 and 2011. Cow prices were lower in 2009 due to the severe U.S. recession which negatively impacted most agricultural prices. Higher cow prices in 2012 are the result of lower cow slaughter and strong demand for 90% lean, boneless beef. Cow slaughter will be down about 4.5% from last year in spite of very dry conditions throughout much of the country. USDA-NASS released the last U.S. range and pasture condition report of the season at the end of October, which showed 54% of ranges and pastures in poor and very poor condition. That compares to 41% poor and very poor last year and 30% for the previous 5-year average.

The best ag coverage in the Northwest is here.  Montana Stock Growers Convention is in Billings starting tomorrow at the Convention Center.


Too Excited To Wait

KGHL, Montana's AG-Farm-ation Station


Did you ever have something so exciting getting ready to happen that you just could NOT hold it in?  

At KGHL, we’ve been busy improving our station from the amount of ag programming, through technical upgrades to our signal and operation, and providing a great platform to reach ag producers everyday.  Next week, KGHL will have a major announcement that will positively affect our on air product and your marketing.

National FFA Week (Feburary 18-22)comes right after the MATE show(February 14-16).  KGHL has partnered with area FFA chapters to put together a one of a kind premium item for MATE Show.  It will celebrate the FFA and student contributions.  Karen Gallagher can tell you how your business can get involved.

How popular is KGHL’s Lonnie Bell?  His recently released autobiography SOLD OUT of its first printing in 17 days.  It was all in person or by phone purchases.  Nothing was sold online.  Old school marketing at its best.

Last issue, I did a “who said it” quote for prizes.  Jennifer Brown of Overdrive, LLC was the quickest to answer Thomas Jefferson and received a great gift basket from Mary and Bill Kennedy’s Wine Market and Deli.

In this week’s Mighty Marketing, there’s a story about lawyers marketing that will apply to you, evaluating your Facebook page (I think that’s a new cottage growth industry for selling to the unaware), a quick step into the math of audience estimates, and finally an “infographic” on the real valuation of cable TV inserts.

Each week, I publish a few of the marketing ideas I run across while thinking of ways to maintain or grow your business.  I hope you find them useful.

A Tale of Two Lawyers
by Roy H. WilliamsI recently spent a day with two lawyers who practice the same legal specialty. We’ll call them Nick and Ralph. They live on opposite sides of the country. They met at a conference and became friends.

Nick decided to go fishing for customers with a net. He put his money in radio.

Ralph thought it made more sense to target only those people in immediate need of a lawyer within his specialty. Ralph went fishing with a hook called Pay-Per-Click.

Ralph said, “Nick, you’re hunting with a shotgun. I’m hunting with a rifle.” Ralph believes in targeting, you see. That’s why he fishes with a hook and catches just one fish at a time. But you don’t build a widespread reputation by waiting until your customer needs you and then targeting them through Search Engine Optimization and Pay-Per-Click.

Nick the Net chose to win the public before they needed his services. Nick the Net wanted everyone in the city to know about him, even if many of them would never need his services. Nick the Net chose to win the hearts of the people 52 weeks a year.

Both men are smart and aggressive. They plunged. Hard.

Ralph the Hook spends $180,000 per month on Search Engine Optimization, online marketing consultants, and locally targeted Pay-Per-Click. His annual ad budget of $2,160,000 brings in slightly less than $6 million per year in legal fees, leaving Ralph with a little less than $4 million for gas money. Not bad.

Nick the Net spent $30,000 per month on radio. His $360,000 ad budget brought in $4.2 million in legal fees, leaving Nick with a little more than $3.8 million to spend on lunch.

NOTE: Nick brought in almost as much money but spent only 1/6 as much on ads.

When you advertise 52 weeks a year on the radio, you become a household word. Yours is the name the customer thinks of first and feels the best about. The leads brought in through radio are much warmer than the leads generated through pay-per-click.

Ralph the Hook still believes that “targeting the right customer” is the secret to growing a business.

But Nick and I believe in building a widespread reputation with a warm predisposition in the hearts of the general, untargeted public.

Which do you believe?

Common sense says targeting would be more efficient, right?

My thirty years of experience say otherwise.

How are you doing on Facebook?Have you ever wondered if what you’re doing on Facebook is right or not? Here’s a simple checklist to properly evaluate your Facebook Page and see if you’re on the right track.

Facebook Page Checklist:

    1.     “About” section: is your website URL the first thing listed?
    2.     Additional “About” section: Are you providing links to your company’s other social channels, like your Twitter account and blog?
    3.     Cover photo: is it well-designed and does it meet Facebook’s Guidelines?
    4.     Cover photo description: when someone clicks on your cover photo, do you have a photo description with information, a call to action, or links?
    5.     Profile photo: does it clearly reflect your brand?
    6.     App thumbnails: are the three most important apps featured as “favorite” apps, and do the app thumbnails include a call to action or have a promising label?
    7.     “Talking about this number”: Divide your “Talking about this number” by your Page’s total number of Likes. This will calculate your Page’s engagement from the past seven days. Average Page engagement is two percent. If you’re below two percent, your content strategy needs to be adjusted.
    8.     Content strategy:

What type of content is your business sharing?
Are you using a photo or another type of media to accompany each status update?
Are you sharing valuable, relevant information with your fans?
Are you implementing the 70/20/10 rule?
Does your content speak directly to your target audience?

  1.     Exclusive content: What are you offering your Facebook fans that they can’t get anywhere else? A free eBook? Exclusive industry advice and tips? Frequently updated entertaining content?
  2.     Branding: What does your brand say about the users who like your Page? Remember: people Like a Facebook Page not because they like a particular product or service, they do it because what they Like says something about their own identity.
  3.     Commenting: Are you engaging back with your Facebook fans? You should be Liking their comments and responding to all their questions.

National FFA Week and the MATE Show

National FFA Week is only 5 weeks Montana FFA Alumni license plateaway!  That sentence alone sends fear through me as KGHL is probably the biggest media supporter of FFA in all of Montana.  The Mighty 790 is working with FFA classes in the 20 county area, to do something extra special in honor of the week at this year’s MATE show. 

KGHL is publishing a Salute to FFA newspaper to be given to all the attendees of the MATE Show.  The paper features articles from FFA students, contacts for FFA chapters across our 20 county area, and salutes the role FFA plays in setting the table for tomorrow.

If you’d like to show your company’s support of the students of the FFA, contact Karen.


* Billings Arbitron ratings are released for market subscribers ONLY January 25.  An average of 21 Yellowstone County households per week fully participate in developing ratings for our market.

Retail 2012: An NAA Analysis

The U.S. retail environment continues to transform as it faces both new and persistent challenges to growing, in particular, the brick-and-mortar business. Of the top 50 newspaper retail advertisers measured by Kantar Media, only nine saw sales growth from 2008 to 2011. To help newspapers better understand the retail landscape and issues facing specific retailers, NAA has assembled data and analysis on retail trends. You need to be a NAA subscriber to read the data.

Time Spent with Radio and Television are Up

via emarketer.com

A May 2012 report authored by the IAB and Ipsos MediaCT, which drew on data from three surveys of US consumers, found that internet-enabled devices were not displacing other media-related activities, but adding to them. According to the Ipsos MediaCT LMX survey, the average amount of time that respondents spent engaging with media each day climbed to 9.6 hours in 2011, from 9 hours in 2009. Time spent online or on a computer jumped to 3.1 hours from 2.5 hours over the same period. But the amount of time respondents spent watching TV held steady, at 3.4 hours. Radio was at 1.5 hours.  Reading of all kinds was down to 42 minutes a day. eMarketer estimates that US adults spent an average of about 11.5 hours per day consuming media content in 2011. Read the rest at emarketer.


How is Your Spin Cycle Working

KGHL, Montana's AG-Farm-ation Station


Last week, I promised you we had a big announcement that will positively affect the programming of KGHL and your marketing with the station.

Beginning February 4, KGHL is adding another big name air talent to our staff to go along with Karen Gallagher and Nick Tyler.  This talent will be our new afternoon host.

The agreement is done and everyone has shaken hands.  But Taylor is in Helena this week and all he would let me do until the paper is signed is give hints.  I hope they are big enough.  By the way, Tonya, you are NOT eligible to guess.

  • KGHL has hired a big name local air talent to host afternoons beginning February 4.
  • This talent has done practically every air shift on radio but is known for their work  outside radio.
  • They have been on air on the Mighty 790 KGHL.
  • They are one of only two people in town who are certified in this area.
  • Daddy played bass might be a good clue too

Send your guesses to me.  I’ll pick a random winner of a $50 gift card to the restaurant of your choice to the winner. 

The Billings Chamber Ag Banquet is Friday.  If you want to go hang out and have a great dinner at the Holiday Inn, please let Karen or me know.
In this week’s Mighty Marketing, ad avoidance is a big problem in many attempts to market today.  A new study shows what media does the best job at delivering your message.  Billings market ratings are delivered in a few days, which means the spin doctors will be at work. Nielsen has a study on how mobile phones are used-mobile advertising is NOT one of the uses. And I love infographics.  This week, a great study from Ad Age on how people use media based on their age group and time of day.  If you work in, sell, or buy newspapers, I’d sit down before I look at this comprehensive study.

Each week, I publish a few of the marketing ideas I run across while thinking of ways to maintain or grow your business.  I hope you find them useful.

I Don’t Want Your *&@$@! Ads
by Carolyn Gilbert

First imperative of advertising, regardless of medium: Advertisers want their messages to be received, not bypassed.  And nobody does it better than Radio.What do you do when advertisements come on

NuVoodoo’s national studies of radio listeners 18-54 tell the story.  These days, getting the consumer to the message is an advantage that Radio has over all other mass media.  Ironically, we fight the perception that too many listeners tend to punch out commercials.  And thus, that too few may actually receive that message, especially when placed late in a stopset.  In reality, of course, virtually every mass advertising medium today allows consumers some opportunity to bypass the advertising.

Read Carolyn’s full article here

The Game of Spin

The spinning top

There’s the old story of one man’s pain is another man’s pleasure.  I had that beaten into me in Business Law class with a professor who thought he was John Houseman from Paper Chase. 

Here’s an example.  The facts in this story are exactly the same.

Online and offline sales rose during the 2012 holiday season, but fell short of National Retail Federation’s preseason predictions.John Houseman playing a mean lawyer/professor in Paper Chase

According to figures released today at the NRF’s Big Show in New York, total holiday retail sales increased 3%. That figure fell below NRF’s projected forecast of 4.1% to $579.8 billion.

Additionally, non-store holiday sales grew 11.1%. Shop.org, NRF’s ecommerce arm, forecasted a 12% growth in online sales in the months of November and December.

“For over six months, we’ve been saying that the fiscal cliff and economic uncertainty could impact holiday sales,” Shay said. “As the number shows, these issues had a visible impact on consumer spending this holiday season.”


Online and offline sales rose during the 2012 holiday season, but fell short of National Retail Federation’s preseason predictions.

Holiday sales missed their target by $150 Billion dollars according to figures released by the National Retail Foundation in New York. Total retail sales for the holiday was $424 Billion dollars, well off the NRF projection.

Online holiday sales missed their growth target by nearly 10% in the period. The NRF had forecast a growth of 12% in online retail sales.

“For over six months, we’ve been saying that the fiscal cliff and economic uncertainty could impact holiday sales,” Shay said. “As the number shows, these issues had a visible impact on consumer spending this holiday season.”

As my “John Houseman” like professor drilled into me, there are multiple sides to a story.

National FFA Week and the MATE Show

National FFA Week is only 4 weeks Montana FFA Alumni license plateaway!  That sentence alone sends fear through me as KGHL is probably the biggest media supporter of FFA in all of Montana.  The Mighty 790 is working with FFA classes in the 20 county area, to do something extra special in honor of the week at this year’s MATE show. 

KGHL is publishing a Salute to FFA newspaper to be given to all the attendees of the MATE Show.  The paper features articles from FFA students, contacts for FFA chapters across our 20 county area, and salutes the role FFA plays in setting the table for tomorrow.

If you’d like to show your company’s support of the students of the FFA, contact Karen.


How Your Consumer Uses Their Mobile Device

by Nielsen Media Research via Marketing Charts.com

Share of Mobile Time by ActivityNielsen has released a new report [download page] containing a range of figures related to how US consumers use different forms of media and devices. Among them, a breakdown of the top 8 activities performed on mobiles, by function.

The top activity, texting, occupies 14.1% of consumers’ mobile time. Coupled with the 5.3% devoted to email and instant messaging, that means that about 1 in every 5 minutes spent on a mobile phone is spent messaging in some form. The next biggest category? Social networking, which occupies 10.2% of mobile time.

More on the Nielsen Study here.

American Cancer Society's Daffodil Days are here

The Ad Age Study

As you look through the information on the graphic from industry publication Advertising Age, two things jump out.  One is the usage of radio across almost all demographic cells.  Second is the low use of print.

Usage of media across time of day and demographics

KGHL has all the Ag News you need every day.

Karen Gallagher   Ray Massie     Nick Tyler      Taylor Brown    KGHL Traffic       E-Mail Tradio   Place Out and About

On the Left Side of the Counter

KGHL, Montana's AG-Farm-ation Station


Have you ever done business with your company as a customer?  Think Undercover Boss with a twist.  The show focuses on what happens when the boss is behind the scenes.  What would the show be like if the boss was the client?  How would KOA CEO Jim Rogers have fared checking into a kampground?

We all know our businesses (and hopefully our clients and customers) better than anyone.  Or so we think.

Last week, I wrote about big changes and a big name talent coming to KGHL February 4.  My hints were very vague and directed at what I thought was important.  What is more important is what the hiring of this talent will mean to you and your business.  I thought I’d try a few bigger hints and use them to show you what this change means to your business with KGHL.

  • Our talent is recognized as much for their face as their voice. (Cellular Plus)
  • A segment of a program they do now has become a catch phrase on his current station
  • One of only two meteorologists in media in Billings today
  • Hosted morning radio on several stations in town in the past
  • Is a very experienced marketing and advertising person with more than 20 years in Billings

The instant recognizability and credibility this talent brings to KGHL will be good in helping your business be more successful by getting your message in an even better place.  If you know who it is, show off your sleuthing skills here.

In this week’s Mighty Marketing, something I wrote was picked up by a #1 best selling business author who wrote a blog about it–The Echo Chamber of Marketing. That was exciting.  There’s also a report on the Chamber Ag Banquet, an article on ROI in radio and how KGHL works differently. Plus an attitude adjustment idea, and an infographic on bad hires and their cost. 

Each week, I publish a few of the marketing ideas I run across while thinking of ways to maintain or grow your business.  I hope you find them useful.

Ag Banquet Like Agriculture–A Record Setting Year
by Kama Humphrey

Cold Hard Cash on stageThe 16th Billings Chamber Ag Banquet set a record attendance last Friday night with 816 in the audience. The event, at the Holiday Inn Grand Montana, featured the Cold Hard Cash Band and a number of awards and fun.

Q2’s Ed McIntosh and Northern Ag Network’s Russell Nemetz ran the show Friday night with tons of door prizes. (Couldn’t tell be me, our table only won once). Huntley Project FFA students collected more than $2000 in the 50-50 drawing during the evening.

The purpose of the annual Ag banquet is to honor those in Montana’s biggest industry, Agriculutre. The night also featured the presentation of the Roche Juane Agriculture Excellence Award.  Dan Downs of Montana Seed and Grain was the 2012 winner.  His son accepted on behalf of the family.  Dan was killed in a car accident in December.Montana Peterbilt table at Chamber Ag Banquet

Funds raised during the Ag Banquet go right back into community service.  The Chamber Ag Committee uses the funds for Pancake Breakfasts year around at events like FFA meeting and the Montana Stockgrowers Assocation.

Thanks to the sponsors- Montana Peterbilt, Northwest Farm Credit, Sam’s Club, Archie Cochrane Ford, and Stockman Bank.

(photo of Montana Peterbilt table)

Dave Ramsey and the Way You Should Do Business

by Mark Ramsey, Mark Ramsey Media

Dave Ramsey, national financial expertAs advertisers begin to look beyond ratings to effectiveness – how should radio stations operate?

That’s the question put to Dave Ramsey, host of the nationally syndicated Dave Ramsey Show, which is heard on more than 500 radio stations throughout the US and Canada. Dave’s also an author, television host, and speaker.

Dave, on a conference call with your affiliates recently you noted that the nature of business, both for your company and for your broadcast affiliates, is transitioning from more transactional business to relational business. We know what “transactional” means but what do you mean by “relational?”

The marketplace has tightened up with the economy slowing down and people are scared, they’re paralyzed, or at least they’re very, very careful. The only way that they are able and willing to emotionally invest in something like radio advertising is they have to have a high level of trust.

Radio is not a commodity that you sell on volume based on points and numbers and ratings and so forth. You have to sit down with the business owner and explain to them that when they put in X dollars, they’re going to get a return on investment of Y and this is why our radio format and our reach is going to work for you.

And then you have to babysit them and hold their hands and actually cause them to do business with you in a way that they are happy they did – meaning advertising that works and is “free” because it makes you more than it costs you.

It’s our job in the radio business.

What do you say to the broadcaster who says “Well I understand how Google can provide ROI but how do I, a radio station – where the message goes out into the ether – how can I provide that kind of accountability and that kind of relational response from advertisers?

Try putting your customer shoes on and walking around in them a little bit. If you’re a guy that Servant type sellingowns a heating and air business and you’re going to buy advertising on a radio station you need your phone to ring, you need to sell some heating and air units, you need to sell some service plans, there needs to be a response to this. If I’m in the radio business my job is to make that small business guy successful. I’ve got to make him win.

My job is to visit their store and actually put some effort into the copy points and try to think like their customer thinks, understand what the demographics of their customers are, not just sell them an ad and then wonder why it didn’t work and then go sell somebody else an ad and then wonder why it didn’t work, either. That’s so transactional and it’s such short-term thinking.

The fun thing about doing sales right is you don’t have to do them over and over.

The good news when you do servant-type selling (where you see your client as someone you’re supposed to be serving) you’re not there to twist their arms, you’re not there to manipulate them, you’re not there to put some technique on them, I really want to find out how I can help you – my client – win.

We’ve got people advertising on the Dave Ramsey Show who have been with us for 20 years and are still advertising. We don’t sell my show on rating points. We sell it on results. We sell it on relationships. I don’t have a single client advertising with me who even know what my ratings are. They don’t give a rip. All they know is that advertising on my show has changed their lives.

Last Call to Join Us and Salute FFA at MATE Show

Archie Cochrane Ford, Shipton’s Big R, Sam’s Club, KR Rauch, Bobcat of Big Sky, Montana Gem, and Pioneer Meats in Big Timber are all part of the KGHL National FFA Week Salute.

You can join them.  National FFA Week is 3 weeks Montana FFA Alumni license plateaway! 

KGHL is publishing a Salute to FFA newspaper to be given to all the attendees of the MATE Show.  The paper features articles from FFA students, contacts for FFA chapters across our 20 county area, and salutes the role FFA plays in setting the table for tomorrow.

Because print takes longer to produce than radio, the deadline for joining us to salute the FFA kids is Friday!

If you’d like to show your company’s support of the students of the FFA, contact Karen.


Atttitude Adjustments from the Farm

by Kimberely Hare

Attitude adjustmentI’ve been reminded several times this week of the old story often told in NLP circles:

A father and his son owned a farm.  They did not have many animals but they did own one horse.  One day the horse ran away.

‘How terrible! What bad luck!’ sympathised his neighbors.

‘Good Luck, Bad Luck, who knows?’ replied the farmer. 

Several days later the horse returned, bringing with him four wild mares.

‘What marvellous luck!’ said the neighbors.

‘Good Luck, Bad Luck, who knows?’ replied the farmer.

The son began to tame the wild horses, so that they could be used on the farm, but one day he was thrown and broke his leg.

 ‘How terrible! What bad luck!’ sympathised his neighbors.

 ‘Good Luck, Bad Luck, who knows?’ replied the farmer.

The next week the army came to the village to take all the young men to war.  The farmer’s son was spared as he was still disabled with his broken leg.

Good luck?  Bad Luck?  Who knows?

Nothing is Good or Bad–but Thinking Makes It So


by Seth Godin

Is it interesting because it happened…

or because it happened to you?

If George Clooney sits next to you at a restaurant, that’s interesting to you, no doubt, but only interesting to your friends because you’re so excited. I mean, he had to sit next to someone!

Should we read your press release or come to your gallery opening or take a sales meeting because it’s important, or because it’s important to you?

Marketing is the art of seeing (and then creating) what might be interesting to more than our friends.

There’s a circle of friends in our lives that care a lot about what we care about. The rest of the world? They mostly don’t.

[Feel free to insert “important” and “urgent” as well. ]

Hire Slow, Fire Fast

by SalesBenchmarkIndex.com

While the numbers may be out of whack for what a bad hire would cost in the Billings area, the general idea of the damage is still the same. The estimator is focused on what a General Sales Manager or a sales leader gone bad might cost you.

Bad Hire Cost Estimator

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